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Zexun Chen, Ph.D (china)
Research Fellow, Predictive Analytics Lab (PAL)
School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Sussex, UK




2018/11, I received the endorsement (Exceptional Promise) from TECH NATION, UK .

2018/10, my latest research paper "Interpretable Fairness via Target Labels in Gaussian Process Models " is released on arXiv.org.

2018/07, an online discussion group about Gaussian process models is set up in slack. Join us!!!

2017/12, I move to University of Sussex to join in the group of Dr. Quadrianto on a EPSRC project titled "EthicalML: Injecting Ethical and Legal Constraints into Machine Learning Models" . Also, I participate in the research activities in the Predictive Analytics Lab (PAL) co-directed by Dr. Quadrianto at Sussex.


Dr Zexun Chen
Room CI-203, Chichester I
Department of Informatics
University of Sussex, Falmer
Brighton, BN1 9RH, United Kingdom
Email: Zexun.Chen@sussex.ac.uk

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