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Zexun Chen, Ph.D (china)
Lecturer in Predictive Analytics
University of Edinburgh Business School, UK



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2021/08, I am appointed as Lecturer in Predictive Analytics at University of Edinburgh, UK.

2021/04, a research preprint "Contrasting social and non-social sources of predictability in human mobility " is on arXiv.org

2020/10, I am appointed as Lecturer at University of Exeter, UK.

2020/10, a research preprint "Remarks on multivariate Gaussian Process " is on arXiv.org

2020/05, a research paper Tuning Fairness by Balancing Target Labels is published in journal Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence.

2019/12, a research paper Multivariate Gaussian and Student-t process regression for multi-output prediction is published in journal Neural Computing and Applications.

2019/05, I join in a research project Identification of Human Mobility Modes using Socio-Spatio-Temporal Predictive Models at University of Exeter and take part in research activities in Biocomplex Lab directed by Prof. Ronaldo Menezes.

2018/11, I receive the endorsement (Exceptional Promise) from Tech Nation, UK .

2018/10, a research paper "Interpretable Fairness via Target Labels in Gaussian Process Models " is published on arXiv.org.

2018/07, an online discussion group about Gaussian process models is set up in slack. Join us!!!

2017/12, I move to University of Sussex to join in the group of Dr. Novi Quadrianto on a EPSRC project titled "EthicalML: Injecting Ethical and Legal Constraints into Machine Learning Models" . Also, I participate in the research activities in the Predictive Analytics Lab (PAL) co-directed by Dr. Novi Quadrianto at Sussex.

Welcome to Collaboration

I have strong interests in these topics, including time series forecasting, financial data analysis, probablistic machine learning, Bayesian non-parametric predictive models and their applications, e.g. Gaussian Process and its application.
Welcome to contact me if you would like to collaborate with me on these topics above.


Dr Zexun Chen
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